Deli Slice, Italian-style

Swiss vegan Deli Slice, Italian-style has a mild Mediterranean herby flavour.

Order-No:  45
Content:  2x 90 g
Price per 100g:  2.75 Fr.
100%:  vegan
A further highlight of the Deli range is the Italian-style Deli Slice. It is seasoned with typical pizza spices like oregano and tomato etc.

Gourmet Tip: Add strips of Deli Slice, Italian-style to your next Italian pasta salad dish with black olives and some of the Vegusto Vegi-Dip, Garlic to complete the Mediterranean flair.
Vegusto Swiss vegi-deli slices is the vegan choice for a kind of meat found in Switzerland, Germany and Austria called liverwurst. We offer a vegetarian and cruelty-free alternative called Vegi-deli slice.

The Vegi-deli chunky slice is one of our most popular products. Vegusto’s Vegi-deli chunky slice can be served cold and it can be cooked for a quick meal.

To cook, fry the Vegi-deli chunky slices gently with some oil in a frying pan on both sides for about 30 seconds. Alternatively, the Vegi-deli chunky slice may also be simmered in it’s sealed bag for about 7 minutes.
Nutritional Information per 100 g:
ChageID TODO: 1247 kJ / 298 kcal
ChageID TODO: 20.8 g
ChageID TODO: 7.7 g
ChageID TODO: 3.8 g
ChageID TODO: 1.6 g
ChageID TODO: 24.3 g
ChageID TODO: 1.70 g
7 weeks shelf life as alway freshly produced.
Refrigerate (3°-7°C), freezable
water, wheat protein (gluten), sunflower oil, coconut oil, tomato paste (tomatoes, salt), yeast, rock salt, spices, herbs, rice starch, binder (guar gum, xanthan)
Order number: 45
Productname: Deli Slice, Italian-style
product description: Swiss vegan Deli Slice
Manufacturer: Vegi-Service AG, CH-9315 Neukirch -
packaging: vacuum packing
Content: 2x 90 g
Made in: CH
EAN-Code: 7640144050450
pasteurized: Yes
Wholesale unit
Content: 45 pieces
EAN-Code: 7640144059699
Weight incl. packaging: 9.020 kg

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